Year of the Doggo

It’s the Chinese New Year Weekend! Like all New Years, I’ve tried to reminisce (a word I constantly google because for the life of me I can never remember the spelling); I genuinely do not like to do this. I despise the feeling of utter (for lack of a better word) cringe when I think back at all the times I embarrassed myself this year. Normally, I would place my sardonicism aside for a moment, and tell y’all  how interesting my year was, and how a combination of wonderful and terrible things I experienced, but um, last year was a veritable clusterfuck, so I’m not going to.

2018 has been decent so far, (*moves 4 feet to the right to avoid falling piano*). In the 45 days since 2018 began, I have gone for a concert, done a generous amount of improv, gotten my PR, quit my job and cat-sat.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 21.51.51
Her name is Mystique, but like a true feline she answers to MewMew (which a friend of mine reminded me was the name Kat Jennings’ character used to call Mjolnir in Thor so Im not feeling too bad about it)

*Record scratches* What?! You quit your job?

I’ve always maintained that it takes a certain amount of courage to quit your job. It certainly took a lot of energy to have that conversation. I had to pitch the idea to my parents first before bringing it to my aunt. I really commend my therapist for putting up with my constant whining on this front, as I wouldn’t shut up about it until the day I finally told my boss I intended to quit. Why did I quit my job you ask? Specially when I (gasp) don’t have another on hand? Well, two things:

  1. My health has been taking a wonderful downhill plunge; I have all the ailments my 80 year old grandmother is complaining of now – Headaches, spondylitis, dehydration and body aches, not to mention my brain’s inability to produce essential hormones. The constant fieldwork has finally caught up with my (already unfit) flesh prison; since the future projects were going to be in the delightful factories and warehouses in Sembawang and Jurong West, I decided to pull the plug early.
  2. I wasn’t feeling like I was improving in anyway – Skillswise, creativitywise, up-the-corporate-ladder-wise. In short, my body was deteriorating; I was bored; my serotonin- deficient brain was acting up. I didn’t want to reach a stage wherein I had to quit else I would die or something – Never leave it that late, folks.

My looming (fun)employment aside, I generally have no plans for what I’m supposed to do about it. I am actively applying to jobs on the side, but I’m not being stressed about it; I’m taking a Qui sera sera approach rather than my usual Quizas Quizas Quizas method.


Things to look forward to in the coming months (including some shameless plugs!):

  1. Improv, Improv, Improv (see: Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment): A generous number of shows coming up: A couple of shows in February with my duo team, AB Devils – 23 Feb and 28th Feb.
  2. After this, I’m going to be part of a very different kind of panel show – If you want to see me ask some very naive questions about some very non-naive objects, come to The Merry Lion on the 9th of March!
  3. The rest of the month would be preview shows (eg: Non-Breaking News on the 3rd of March,  an Indian Improv show the week after), all in preparation for THE BIG EVENT:
  4. THE SINGAPORE IMPROV FESTIVAL 2018! (<—-Seriously, you need to check it out)
    I’ll be performing with 3 teams (The Company Players, IITSG, and The AB Devils) this time, and I’m so chuffed to be a part of it! I missed the previous one in 2016, (not that I’m complaining, I was away in Europe at that time) and I can’t wait for a weekend of pure improvised fun.


2. SO.MUCH.TRAVEL – In April, My best friends and I are going to JAPAN! Sometime at the beginning of this year, we made a pact to ourselves that we wouldn’t spend any of our birthdays in Singapore in 2018, and this is the beginning of that journey. Two of us were born a week apart in April, and we’d be spending our birthdays (mine on the 12th , and his on the 19th) in Universal Studios Japan and DisneySea respectively. Talk about keeping a pact intact. It would be Sakura season too, so hopefully (as they say in the Middle East, inshallah), this would be the best birthday in recent years for me.

To add to this, my family is planning a trip to Europe in May- taking advantage of my unemployed state I presume, despite vehemently opposing it. Ah well, If we must, we must.


3. The Circle of Life – After 14 (yes, 14) years of waiting, I have finally bought front(ish) row tickets to one of the top items on my bucket list – Lion King the Musical. My friends and I are going in July, and I am pretty much certain I am going to be a blubbering mess by the end of it.


So far, I’ve reason to believe I would actually enjoy this year (*Moves 4 feet to the left to avoid lightning strike*), and I’m trying to be optimistic.

Have a Happy Year of the Doggo, dorks. May your year have 2x+10 as many doggos as you had last year.


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