Tag urself

Just a few things I put down for #bingostory today that I wanted to share as a blog post because I was quite proud of them 😛

These are all me in one way or another; tag urself if you do these:

  1. Actual 80 year old
  2. Wants to fight you but can’t.
  4. Will fall for EVERYONE
  5. Manicurists’ nightmare
  6. “WHAT! You haven’ t seen ______???”
  7. Sarcasm from hell
  8. Will hibernate in libraries
  9. Broadway trash
  10. Excessive Gesticulation *knocks over things*
  11. Shit scared of phone calls
  13. Will interrupt convos to yell “DOGGO!” when one is nearby
  14. Don’t wake me up unless you want death
  16. Improv ❤
  17. “Are foxes catdogs?”
  18. Laughably single
  20. Reads history books for fun
  21. The dreaded Indian facial hair
  22. Slytherin
  23. SNOW ❤
  24. Lowkey alcoholic

Some that didnt make the cut:

  1. Bitter AF
  2. Needs constant validation
  3. “How do you feel?” “I don’t.”
  4. WILL Pet the doggo/kitty
  5. *Has staring contest with house lizard*
  6. Swears like a sailor
  7. *Turns on AC and fan* *Wraps self in three blankets*
  8. Falls desperately in love with places
  9. Self deprecating jokes
  10. *Relates to inanimate objects*
  11. Can’t flirt to save my life
  12. *Falls asleep at 9:30 pm on a Friday night*
  13. Uses the word comeuppance in normal conversation.
  14. Lowkey not afraid of anything
  15. *Raises hand before automatic swing doors* “I’m using the The Force”


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