10 Random things about me 

I haven’t written in a while.. That’s mostly because I have been caught up in being an adult – job hunting, moving house and planning for graduation. Anyway I felt that I should post something more personal (mostly because I can’t think of anything and it is easiest to talk about myself). And also I wanted to get into the listicle bandwagon, although I know that most people don’t get past number 5 if they keep going on and on.

So here you go, 10 random things about me, in no particular order of importance. See if you knew these already!

1. My go- to comfort food is chocolate milk in any form. At one point I used to have close to a litre of it everyday. Nothing like chocolate to make you feel better.


2. My favourite movie of all time is The Lion King (but then again, you knew that.) but the first ever movie I saw as a kid was The Wizard of Oz. I remember very vividly watching the recordings from the channel TNT, which used to come on TV after Cartoon Network after a certain time ( when most kids had gone to bed but I was, even then, a nocturnal creature.)


3. I am a number 2 on the Kinsey Scale. If you don’t know what that is, refer to the link. This means that I am not completely straight, but I’m not bisexual either. Of course, an Internet test is not really the final word, but I’m inclined to agree with it. Mara Wilson (of Mathilda fame) came out as queer recently (the very same 2 on the Kinsey Scale) and that made me really happy.

You can take the test yourself, here. 

4. My method of falling asleep quickly is to focus on my breathing and imagine myself flying, Peter Pan style. More recently, I’m taken to pretending to be a vigilante hoodied-superhero figure, falling and flying from tall buildings overlooking a Gotham – like city .

5. Up until my third year in college, I was a Pottermore – sorted Ravenclaw, but when they revamped their website I took the Sorting Quiz again and was sorted into Slytherin. It caused me a bit of an identity crises but recently I have quite realized that my new house is more relevant.

6. I am not afraid of death; not the slightest. I feel that it is the most redundant of all fears, and have accepted the fact that I’m going to have to die someday, be it tomorrow or in a 100 years.  I don’t feel invincible, nor do I feel paranoid. It’s just a feeling of acceptance.

In fact, my greatest fear is loss of freedom, in any form (emotional, physical,*cough* marriage *cough*) and would prefer death over life imprisonment any day.

7. I’d like to think that my Patronus would be a Fennec Fox; a fox because it is the perfect blend of cat and dog and stands for qualities I like, and a Fennec Fox as a nod towards my Middle – Eastern Childhood, where Fennec Foxes were abundant in the wild.

8. I am deathly claustrophobic; closed spaces are one of the very few things I’m truly scared of (I’m not bragging, honest). This put paid to my childhood dream of becoming an archaeologist but doesn’t stop me from trying to climb up winding bell tower staircases when I get the chance. (see: Giotto’s Bell Tower, Florence)

9. I have many pet – peeves – Slow walkers, loud talkers, changing the song before it ends, etc. But a weird thing that irritates me, through no fault of the person doing it, is when a person walks with their toes pointing outward, rather than straight ahead. It has bothered me for years, and I have no clue why.

10. My favourite show growing up was The Powerpuff Girls; my cousins and I used to pretend to be one of the girls and role play the episode we just watched. I am ashamed to admit that I was always Bubbles because I was the crybaby at the time.


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