The Elementals – Chapter Two

Chapter Two of this random story I have been writing. If you’re not caught up, go to the Elemental tag to read the other chapter.


Arya Barton was doubting herself. It had become a regular feature lately, and she hated it.

The news of her promotion turned sour in her mouth when they told her she was moving to the Beta division. It was basically a demotion, in her eyes. Apparently Grand Marshal Valentina had asked for her personally; which was a tad suspicious given that she hadn’t given a shit before.

Annoying. Especially since we practically grew up together.

Arya had known Valentina and her siblings for practically her whole life now. But Valentina had fallen off the radar ever since…

No. Don’t think about that. You’ll relapse.

Taking a deep breath, she stepped into the shower. The travel from the Alpha base in London had been tiring enough, but nothing could prepare her for the sheer anxiety of meeting her new crew. She had always battled with social anxiety, but they had usually been irrational. This crew didn’t want her here. Least of all their Captain. Terratrians were mostly expressionless, but she didn’t need his expressions to tell her that Captain Glasco hated her. Why wouldn’t he, when she had taken up his potential position?

Her crew were no different. Her meeting with them in the courtyard had gone smoothly, but she could feel their eyes boring into her, the heat of their gaze and their hatred. And she had no clue why.

She sighed when the water hit her, letting the streams run down her fingers and toes. When she was younger she would spend hours in the shower, just manipulating water into different forms. She remembered an incident when she was seven, when she accidently froze all the water in the shower and didn’t know how to get out.

That was embarrassing. Arya flexed her fingers and the water around her changed form, snaking around her body in coils. She clenched her fist, and all the water transformed into bubbles. She giggled. She sighed. And all at once she burst into tears, the salty water combining with the water in the shower.

I didn’t want to come here. I didn’t want to leave everyone. Why do I need to come to a place where everyone hates me?

With a great shuddering gasp, she pulled herself together. It would not do to show weakness, especially now. She stepped out of the shower completely dry. The perks of being Aquartian, she never ever needed a towel. As she dressed into her training outfit, she made herself a game plan to get through the next few days.

Lay low, do your duty.  Her mother’s advice had sounded boring to say the least, but now they sort of made sense. She decided to follow them for once.

It wasn’t easy though, as she walked towards the training simulator to do some exercises. Training always calmed her down since it put her in the moment, and pushed all her anxieties out of her mind. Nothing else mattered but her surroundings. In these times, Arya felt completely at ease with her body and her breathing. The adrenaline kept her going, and every enemy she vanquished in the simulator only made her happier. This love for danger had made her reckless in recent years, as her anger moved beyond the simulator and onto the field. She never put anyone in real danger except herself, but tended to  be merciless where her enemies were concerned.

Lay low? Fat chance.

She had set the simulator to one of the highest levels available, and by the time she had entered and closed the door she already had an audience. The simulator was encased by glass so that people could learn from other’s training, but Arya had a sneaky suspicion they were just there to see if she lived up to her reputation.

With a sigh, she pulled out her weapon and began training.

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