The Elementals – Chapter One

This is some random writing I had decided to do some time ago, Ive always had this sotry in my head of a Power – Ranger like academy with people who can control various elements. not my most original work, but something I still want to share with you guys. SO here’s Chapter One.


New Commander. Captain Glasco both loathed and dreaded those words from the bottom of his heart. Not only had he been sidelined after nearly 5 years of service leading Team Beta, he was being ousted by a woman. She was also younger than he was by more than seven years. 23 years old, she’s a child.  Yet Commander Arya Barton had climbed up the ranks astonishingly fast, having graduated from the Academy when she was just 16 years old, and was named Captain a week after her 18th birthday. Of Team Alpha, no less. Now she was Commander, and a bloody good one too, though Glasco hated to admit it.

Wonder why she didn’t climb higher though. At her pace, she could have easily run the Academy by now.

Not your problem, she still outranks you. The voice inside his head was especially nasty today. His mood was not improved by the rain. Water. He hated Water. His Earth – control was weaker under the rain. A 4th degree Terratrian, his Earth controlling powers were one of the strongest in the history of Scotland, a region prone to Terratrianism. He sometimes thought of home, of its green landscapes and sprawling terrain, and the snow that sometimes floated in from their mountain peaks. His base here in Singapore was comfortable enough, mainly because it housed the second-best Elementian team in the world. But it always rained.

She’s from Water. Yes, she was. A pure 5th degree Aquartian, she was as strong as they come. Pfft, by virtue of birth. She’s just lucky, that bitch. His assistant knocked at that instant. How did he know? He could feel that little squirt’s footfalls in the ground beneath him. An advantage of being Terratrian, as long as you have your feet on the ground, you’re never surprised. “She’s here sir, you are requested to assemble in the courtyard with Team Beta.”

She was already giving orders it seems. “Alright, I’ll be there soon.”

If this were the Navy, you’d be ordering her. Elementian divisions didn’t work the same way. The Commander outranked the Captain, and the only ranks higher than that were the Grand Marshal and The Grand Mentor. Elementians ranked their teachers in the highest of posts, mostly because they can’t control their abilities without them.

When Commander Karini had retired he had been all – tingle at the prospect of a promotion. What a rude wake-up call.  Sighing heavily, he donned his Terratrian uniform; black vest with black jacket and dark green stripes on both sides. A large green diamond-shaped brooch announced his ability, a silver one his rank. He was lacing up his boots when he felt footsteps heading towards his door.

Three people, two I recognize. It could not be anyone else.

There was no knock on the door. It opened with purpose. Putting on his most grim expression (He had an arsenal) he faced his New Commander.

He had no clue what he had expected, but the person facing him was not impressive in his eyes. Of average height, she stood almost a head shorter that he; her frame of one who had trained for years with a relentless passion; not slim or petite, but rather curvy, with wide hips and strong looking arms. She seemed incredibly brown; she had brown eyes and dark brown hair and light brown skin.  She had an intelligent face; albeit one with an expression that suggested she was not impressed by what she was seeing. She pulled her glasses from her nose, polished them on her shirt, and returned them to her face. Her expression did not change.

Her tits are tiny.

“Captain Glasco” she stuck her hand out in a professional manner, though Glasco interpreted it as “Let’s get this over with.”

“Commander Barton” Glasco wondered why she needed to see him in his office first. He was not used to visitors, especially those who intended to order him about.

“As you already know I am to be the new Commander of this division. I trust you will help me make this transition smooth and without any trouble.” It was not a question. This woman was direct. Against his will, Glasco felt himself appreciating that.

“Yes ma’am, I hope you will enjoy your stay here in Sector Beta.” Courtesies, mere courtesies. It was fairly obvious that she didn’t want to be here as much as he wanted her here.

Why can’t you just leave?

“Ma’am, any idea who the Commander of Sector A is?”

He saw a flicker of anger in her eyes. It passed almost immediately, but not before he could catch it. Aquartians tended to be more expressive than most, their facial expressions flowy and transient like water. Terratrians had the ability to hide their emotions, hard as a rock. Pun intended.

Ah, I’m not the only one undergoing disappointment.

“It’s not my concern, nor is it yours. I would like you to assemble Team Beta and meet me in the courtyard in ten minutes, Captain, and don’t be late. We wouldn’t want an unfortunate first impression.”

She talks like an old hag, this one.

Yes ma’am.

With that, she turned her heel and marched out the door. Glasco found himself checking out her behind.

She’s got a nice arse, though.


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