Lets talk about sexuality.

I’ll admit, I didn’t want to get dragged into this debate, mostly because I don’t have anything new to add to the already never- ending sprawl of comments regarding the recent Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 American states. However, having combed the Internet for any opinionated article regarding the issue, it never actually dawned on me until now just how bigoted people can be. And I’ve never been very good at keeping my opinions to myself.

To be honest, I consider myself quite naive as I have never really been exposed to the wide spectrum of stupidity of the people on social media. I guess it’s a good thing in a way, as it suggests that I have mostly surrounded myself with generally open – minded and intelligent people. But let’s get real, the world isn’t built that way. So let’s begin. WARNING –  Really long rant ahead.

This post is my answer to some comments I’ve seen on social media opposing same – sex marriage. Actually, I don’t think this post is limited to just this argument, but I think the idea of internet conduct in general, and the incredible ignorance I see floating around. This is my way of letting off steam. For one thing, isn’t social media wonderful? Lots of people love the feeling of anonymity and non-accountability that comes with arguing on the internet. This makes me seem like a class – A hypocrite does it not, saying all this behind the safety of my computer screen, but since I can’t physically get out there and call out ignorance on their bullshit I have to satisfy myself with passive – aggressive blog posts.

Ok firstly, this issue is something I feel very strongly for. No, it’s not because I’m gay, which I am not, it’s just the idea of an entire group of people not being able to love freely, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  I don’t see how me supporting the LGBTQ+ cause makes it safe to assume that I’m a part of the community. I’d like to point out that the greatest opposers to the Feminist movement were women themselves. This brings me to point 1:

1. Just because I support a cause, dosen’t mean I am the one affected. – This is in response to my mum asking me if I were gay when I told her how happy I was about the Supreme Court verdict. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with the question, it was the tone with which the question was posed to me that left me feeling sad. I grew up in an environment of utter tolerance. I was taught at an early age to accept people for who they are, whichever caste, race or religion they be. Hence, my disappointment in having to have this debate with my mother in the first place. Do notice that sexuality isn’t mentioned. This is because Indian society in general does not take your sexual orientation into account. And this is something I hope changes in the near future.

2. “If Gay marriage is legal, then animal – marriage, paedophilia and incest should be legal too.”

Ok, lets be clear. Marriage is a legalization of the love between TWO CONSENTING ADULTS. Animals, by definition, cannot consent. Also, it is appalling that you should consider homosexuality in the same vein as animal instinct. Since it’s two consenting ADULTS, paedophilia dosen’t fit into this description. Also, that is rich coming from a country that till today, still holds child – marriages on a regular basis. To be honest, I am not totally opposed to incest, barring the biological ramifications of inbreeding. Blame my over- exposure to Game of Thrones, or my willingness to accept anything society doesn’t like, but I feel that as long as its consenting, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Next, numbers 3 and 4 are actual comments I saw today on a debate on facebook about gay marriage being “US Culture and not Indian Culture.” Before I post the comments, however, I would like to point out that opposition to homosexuality was a result of Colonial influence into Indian society. Section 377 was, in my opinion a way for the Indian government to distract themselves from real issues like rape, corruption and the crumbling economy by bringing something to the fore that was never an issue in the first place. Ok, so comments –

3. “LGBT supporters need psychiatric counselling.”

4. ” The ones liking your comments are as mentally retarded as you. You’re suffering from a mental disease. Go treat yourself.”

The first comment was opposing LGBTQ+ rights, and the second one was supporting it. Yet I have an issue with both comments. This actually draws to light another issue which most people seem to be blissfully ignorant about – Mental Illness. This is another post in itself, but I’ll touch upon it briefly. There is no way in hell these people understand just how serious mental illness is. It’s just so easy to throw around words like ‘retarded’ and ‘psycho’ and not understand that the people who have actually undergone psychiatric counselling are wrestling with themselves everyday. I have been in that dark place, and it’s not something I would casually throw at or wish for anyone.

In general, I genuinely wish that equality was something that came naturally. I’ve always hated the fact that we need movements propelling the minority in the first place, suggesting how much of a control the majority have, and how unequal society really is ( For example, the ridiculous farce that the Singapore government puts up every year, calling it ‘Racial Harmony Day’ in an attempt to tell the world that they are in fact, racially harmonious.).

To those saying that us celebrating this landmark moment in society is useless, because it doesn’t affect us, I say there’s hope. The Western world has always been a role model to economic systems everywhere, and their societal values have also bled into ours, so maybe this is the catalyst we have been waiting for. Of course, we as Indians have so much more to deal with. We are so intolerant to marriages being even outside our own castes, accepting sexuality for what it is – something we can’t control, much like love – seems a far cry at the moment. We as an Indian society still have so much to accept – gender, sexuality, caste, religion, sex, (whether inside or outside marriage) and hell even simple choices like tattoos, travel and career.

For now, I am overwhelmed with happiness for the millions of American people who just got the go – ahead to marry the person of their choice. And I hope, Indians, straight or otherwise, you are next.

“The rest of the world’s in black and white, we were in screaming colour.” Celebrating the victory of love with The Improv Company #lovewins

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