Time Flies – 11th May 2014

It’s been almost five months since my last post. Yikes! I haven’t written at all this sem, and I’m disappointed in myself. The stories that fill my head can traverse volumes and volumes, yet my laziness keeps them in my mind. Oh, if only it was possible to imagine a world and it literally comes to life in front of you.

You know what else would be useful? Hermione’s goddamn bag. Yes, that little bag which can fit billions of little infinities. I’m a bitter little thing at the moment as I just came out of the semi-annual moving spree. Moving out of my room every sem is the single most annoying thing that NUS can ever make anyone do and it just irks the crap out of  me. Oh my God, another sem has just travelled through my life without so much as a warning. So let’s explore this semester shall we?

What did I do this semester?

Looking back at it now, I honestly don’t remember working (sorry mum, but it’s a fact). The past four months have been full of performances, outings, and shows.I finally survived enough to be backstage at a Bollywood show (which was a success every time I saw it; a show that thoroughly immortalized the thirteen or so songs they used in more ways than one). I also performed in my first ever Improv show; something I’ve been dying to do ever since I first saw “Whose Line is It Anyway?” on TV!

Speaking of performances, I seemed to be watching a lot this semester. Watched a couple of plays live (it’s funny because it was my first time actually watching a show which wasn’t produced in school), one of which was my all time favourite musical “My Fair Lady” in MBS!

Let’s not forget NUS’s best module ever, TS1101E; seriously guys, if you still dont know what to do about your Arts GEM, just take it. It leads you through the world of theatre on the basic level, and gives you the opportunity to hone your acting and performance skills. I rediscovered several passions in this module, and also had a lot of fun doing an Irish Accent and watching real plates get smashed on stage for our Practical


Oh on this half of  the year falls my Birthday Month: my wonderful gifts made up for my intense workload. Not to mention this video made by my friends which raises the bar for great birthday gifts to a whole new level.

I’ll leave the best for last: TARANG. Every year, the Indians of three big universities in Singapore (In this case NUS, NTU and SIM) gather for a solid month of fun and games, competing for the prestigious (haha) TARANG Champions cup (sponsored by Moshi Moshi Bollywood 😛 )

Won first place with my amazing group in the Comedy Drama (wherein I played a badass- chappal- throwing- Bong- accented Mamta No-Darjee) and had the honour to watch the most talented people on stage with the Western and Indian Bands and the Dance. I look back at that experience now and don’t regret a second of it. All those hours practising late into the night, the lost Tarang Weekend, and the after-party (not to mention the glorious friends I made) will forever be inscribed in my heart as one of my fondest memories.

In a nutshell, this semester has been a semester of ups and downs, same as always, except that the roller coaster ride was a fun one. Looking forward a summer of learning and new things. BRING IT ON THIRD YEAR!

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