Reflection. – 30th November 2014

I need to sit and introspect. It is sorely needed, I’m afraid. Last semester sort of questioned a lot of things I thought I understood about myself, the things I took for granted. So I’ve decided to write a bunch of self-reflective essays to pass the time, which serve to achieve a lot of things I needed to do these holidays, thanks to a really good friend who gave me these ideas yesterday as we sat chatting over coffee. Her university held a self-reflective workshop and the concept intrigued me.. might be posting a few exercises soon!

As far as last semester was concerned, it was.. decent. I learnt a lot, jumped a few hurdles and climbed a few mountains. After a year of persevering, I finally got the opportunity to perform a few improv shows. That weekend was definitely the most memorable of all my semesters here at NUS.. and it didnt even take place in NUS!

PC- The Improv  Company

I also made a new group of old friends. That may sound contradicting but it’s true.

I gave A LOT OF ADVICE. My advice wasn’t as heeded as I would have preferred, but it helped me grow as a person, despite the fact that seldom follow the advice I dish out.

T’was a good sem, and I’m glad I got through it.

Thats all I have to say.

More posts coming up! Sorry for the inactivity, Ive finally got some free time now. HOLIDAYS FTW.

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