Here’s to a year of Uni. – 8th May 2013

It’s been a freaking year already. Either time has dilated in my head or im just growing wonderfully old.  Well, with one year of University already behind me (despite the fact that the last day of the 12th Boards is fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday) I guess I can safely say (notice the contradiction) that Ive learnt a lot.

Where do I begin? One year of blood, sweat and tears, mastering the art of last minute submissions ( which in Singlish is called “chionging”(v)- ability to sit overnight and work superhard to get your work done on time.), brutally honest tutors and disappointments, I learnt some major things which one only gets from taking Architecture:

1.You will never have enough time for anything

Remember that painting you wanted to finish, or that booklist you had pending? well, throw it out the

window right now coz you aint finishing nuthin’.

Same goes for your academic work as well.

Its true, be it 3 days, 3 weeks or even 3 months. You will never feel satisfied with the amount of effort you have put into your work, despite a week’s worth of sleepless nights and the Dead Sea’s worth of Coffee (notice the capitalization; Coffee has achieved Godly status in my books)

There is always room for improvement; however perfectly you have achieved your work, there will always be someone who is better, there is always ways wherein you can add to it.

Never stop striving for perfection.

2.Be thick-skinned

I learnt this the hard way. Tutors in Archi are brutally honest to the point of being just plain rude. Learn to take it in your stride and think of it as a suggestion to improve.

oh when it doubt, always strive to be a cat. That always helps :3

3.(stolen from my friend on fb) Duct tape and potted plants solve a lot of construction problems

Things to take away.


I realised how important passion is for this world to function. Having met the one person I deem truly passionate about his work I realised just how vital it is for us to do what we are doing, and do it well.

The value of friendship

I think this was my biggest fear when I entered Uni. I was scared I wouldnt make friends, or rather not make good ones. I know everyones definition of “good” differs, but atleast most of my definition was fulfilled when I met these amazing people I call my friends. Funnily enough, I was scared I would meet people not as crazy as my school friends, who are the most beautiful set of nutcases I have ever met, but this lot come astonishingly close. Cheesy one-liners, Sitcom moments and amazing memories

accumulated in this one year alone, enough to fill a book.

What use is life without madness? and Im so glad I met that requirement here too. Terrified that people wont accept me for my crazy mood swings and weird tastes, imagine my surprise and delight when I meet people here with the same obsessions of Disney and Harry Potter, major feels for Sherlock and movies in general,

Hell yeah, my seniors are freaking amazing too. Its hard not to be in awe of a bunch of people who go for Lion King 3D for someones 19th (20th not sure) birthday and still cry buckets during Mufasa’s death.

Friends keep you going, they give you the moral support which your family cannot, being so far away, and hell, you become just one big HAPPY FAMILY in hostel. Something I am so thankful for.

Three words- PARTI-CI-PATION. (ok, one word) 

Participation can make you discover things about yourself that you never knew; for example, the fact that you can make friends really fast and easily, the fact that you are absolute PRO at Dumb charades and pictionary and the fact that you can imitate people really easily.

Also the fact that you love participating. This will compel you to involve yourself every single time 🙂

And its all worth the while.

So lets raise a glass ( pepsi, please,) to an eventful (trying to be as diplomatic as possible) year and to smooth sailing in the years to come. Thanks everyone.

Oh and juniors, cant wait for those to arrive (*insert evil laugh here*)

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